Learn More About My Wall Tattoos


For those with creative vision,

who love designer spaces. Hello.

Since 2009, Mywalltattoos has created stylish wall art that transforms spaces.
We pioneered the wall vinyl industry in South Africa.  Since then our goal has always been for you to love being in your space, whether it be at work or at home.
Our clients were hooked by this inspiring new way to transform walls and the media interest was overwhelming.  The ideas were literally endless.  Nothing was impossible – from flying purple unicorns to geometric patterns and bold colour statements.
Great living spaces always tell a compelling story.

They change mood, moments and memories.

We keep that in mind when we design new vinyl products, which are all locally produced and delivered to you in the shortest time, wherever you are in South Africa or beyond.

Our wall stickers do more than just decorate.  Mywalltattoos changes the way the space feels, how it works and how others remember it.

Our statement vinyl pieces reflect international trends and editorials; we take inspiration for our wall art from nature, urban landscapes, as well as incorporating local flair.  We believe in bringing the latest trends to your home so you can love the space you’re in.